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A meeting like no other

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Monday 13 February 2023

Looking for an original way to meet your other half? The restaurant " Dans le Noir ? " Toulouse has put its expertise in sensory experience at your service to offer you an exceptional dinner.

Spurred on by other " Dans le Noir ? " restaurants across France, we decided that people in Toulouse also deserved their own Speed Dating evening in complete darkness.

Why this idea in the first place?

In an age when our daily lives are governed almost entirely by the sense we rely on most - sight - it was all too tempting to deprive our guests of this sense for one of life's most delicate events - dating. Indeed, love encounters are the most diligent of all encounters. And this has become increasingly the case in recent years, with the arrival of social networks and the multiplication of dating platforms where everything is decided in a matter of moments from the appearance of a photo.

So the idea is to get away from this first physical impression, and let the feeling and discussions take over for the evening.

How was the evening organized?

First of all, we had to maximize the chances of matching singles. To do this, we called on the "Bora bora créateurs de rêves" agency. The agency took care of filling in questionnaires, then matched them according to the responses, starting with the age range.

Once on site, and to ensure that all the participants didn't meet in the light before the experience, the course of the evening was entirely planned.

The women were greeted first, to explain how this particular evening would work, and to settle them into the darkened room.

The men were then welcomed in the same way.

Once all the participants were seated opposite each other, each person met 3 other singles. Each meeting was followed by a tasting session, starting of course with the starter, then the main course and finally the dessert, to get to know each other.

Then came the moment participants had been waiting for: the discovery of their encounters in light! This time, the focus wasn't on our traditional menu debriefing, but on getting to know each other, putting a face to a voice and a story told a few moments earlier.

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