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Tuesday 20 February 2024

Dinner at Dans le Noir ? doesn't turn out the way we expect it to, simply because we don't know what to expect. And even when we think we know, we realize at the end of the experience that our certainties have been shaken.

Senses challenged

Right from the start, the senses we rely on most in our daily lives are taken away from us, and the previously unknown absolute darkness takes over until the end of the dinner. No amount of searching by the eyes will change this, forcing you to let go and play the restaurant game " Dans le Noir ? ".

Touch and hearing take over first. "Where am I?" "Who's next to me?" "Do we have any cutlery? Glasses?" are questions that only your senses can answer. We then check out what's in front of us once our guide has helped us settle in, then wonder how many other customers are seated in the room, before realizing that at the very table at which we're seated several strangers are asking the same questions. Then the barriers come down and surprisingly fluid exchanges take place.

Taste and smell soon come into play! Without even hearing it, the guide arrives with the first plate, we smell what's in front of us, and ideas for ingredients are born. The certainties acquired thanks to the sense of smell leave as quickly as they came during the tasting, making the exercise as amusing as it is disconcerting!

A new vision of everyday life

Between riddles and tastings, exchanges with our waiter-guide flow naturally. And we gradually realize that the situation we find ourselves in, which is so disturbing, is in fact the everyday life of the simple, kind-hearted person who guarantees our safety in this dark room.

The roles are actually reversed: while we might be in a position to help a visually impaired person on the street, here we are dependent on his presence for the slightest movement.

We then put our everyday worries into perspective during this moment out of time, until we return to the light to get answers to some of our questions.

Ultimately, beyond the culinary experience, the " Dans le Noir ? " dinner also represents a timeless, human experience that we remember.

My gift card is just a few clicks away

Reservations can be made every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

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